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What Is Biomechanical Analysis?

Biomechanical Analysis consists of analyzing body movement during a specific activity such as running or a golf swing. This examination is followed by specific treatment in order to free restrictions that may be a limiting factor in achieving a desired optimal movement pattern.

Shephard Health | Calgary Chiropractor and Active Release Therapy | Bio Mechanical AnalysisHow is Biomechanical Analysis Performed?

  • We observe a patient performing their chosen activity.
  • We identify inefficiencies or restrictions in the movement pattern.
  • Through the use of the appropriate soft tissue therapy (Active Release Techniques and/or Graston Technique), we attempt to improve these restrictions and restore the intended optimal movement pattern.

Who Should Consider Having Biomechanical Analysis?

Anyone who is looking to:

  • Maximize performance
  • Maximize the efficiency of movement
  • Prevent injury due to improper mechanics

Biomechanical Analysis is also recommended if you suffer from:

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