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The Shephard Health Wellness Team uses a variety of Wellness Treatments to treat various types of nerve pain. Nerve Flossing is an effective treatment used at Shephard Health.

What is Nerve Flossing?

Nerve flossing is a technique used to stretch and release specific nerves that are either compressed, entrapped or developing scar tissue.

During nerve flossing, one end of a nerve is pulled while keeping the other end of the nerve relaxed. This stretching of the nerve free’s it from entrapments or adhesions along the path of the nerve. Nerve flossing is often performed for both upper and lower body extremity nerves.

Nerve Flossing for Sciatica

Nerve flossing is effective for treating the symptoms of sciatica, by release the sciatic nerve through the stretching the tissues surrounding it. Nerve Flossing breaks down the build-up of fibrotic scar tissue, which often prevents the nerve from moving smoothly with leg movement.

Shephard Health | Calgary Chiropractor and Active Release Therapy | Electro Acusope MyopulseElectro Acuscope & Myopulse System for Nerve Flossing

The Electro Acuscope & Myopulse System is an electrotherapy treatment that was registered with the FDA in 1978. It meets the requirements in the category of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It has unique features using feedback-driven micro-current in waveforms compatible with living tissue.

There are two parts to the system. The first is Acuscope and the second is the Myopulse. The Myopulse, companion instrument to the Acuscope, gently stimulates connective tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) delivering electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in feedback-modulated micro-current sinusoidal (sloping) waveform patterns identical to that produced by contractile tissue. Reducing spasm and inflammation, restoring range of motion, and strengthening tissue damaged by traumatic injury, even in acute and chronic cases, the Myopulse can potentially produce improvement.

Together these two incomparable instruments comprise the most technologically advanced and effective neuro-muscular treatment system available to health care practitioners today. As the only self-regulating electro-therapeutic micro-current devices on the market (feedback signal processing; e.g. the tissue impedance input continuously controls and adjusts the waveform output), this system is used for a wide variety of applications, acceleration of tissue repair, pain and stress management.

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