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If you struggle with Knee Pain, The Shephard Health Team offers various treatment options that effectively help ease the pain from this ailment.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee Pain is caused by a number of different factors, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Overuse and repetitive use
  • Injuries such as falls
  • Underlying medical conditions, such as Fibromyalgia

Treatment for Runners Knee

Runners knee—also known as iliotibial band or ITB friction syndrome—is a painful condition involving the outside of the knee. The iliotibial band or IT band is the tendon that runs along the outside of the thigh and crosses the knee.

Runners’ knee is typically caused by running on uneven surfaces, downhill running, or because of imbalances involving the hips and legs. In addition, runners knee may be caused by bursitis, Bursa, a gel-filled sac inside the knee, cushion joints during impact. When the bursa becomes inflamed, Bursitis may cause painful aching and stiffness in the joint.

Effective Treatment Options for Knee Pain

At Shepherd Health, we use Active Release for patients with pain in their knee’s. We also use a combination of treatment modalities to effectively treat pain. Cold Laser Therapy is used to treat knee pain on a cellular level. Cold Laser Therapy helps cells to produce more energy, in turn promoting healing. As light energy is transformed into biochemical energy in the body, the blood supply to damaged cells is increased and the healing process is stimulated. Shockwave Therapy is another one of the many treatments we use for knee pain, here at Shephard Health!

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