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Sprains and Strains can occur whether you are an athlete, sedentary, or somewhere in between. When it comes to treating sprains and strains, Shephard Health uses a collaborative approach to healthcare, by utilizing one of our many Wellness Services to correct and treat your condition.

What Causes Sprains and Strains?

Sprains and strains affect the soft tissues, such as muscle and tendons. These fibrous tissues contain specialized groups of cells that control the muscle’s ability to contraction and stretch. With normal, everyday use, your muscles and tendons use soft contractions to prevent overstretching. When a muscle or tendon is suddenly twisted the tissue cannot tolerate this movement, resulting in a tear of the fibers. The area then begins to swell due to the bleeding caused by broken blood vessels in the tissues.


Your joints are surrounded by tough, bands of connective tissue called ligaments. Your joints are also enclosed inside a membrane that is filled with synovial fluid. This fluid lubricates the joint which helps to nourish, support, and provide cushioning against impact. When a joint suffers a sprain, the injury typically causes small tears – also known as micro-trauma – of the ligaments. The most common joints that sustain sprains include the ankle, knee, and wrist.


Similar to sprains, a muscle strain involves the connective tissue, known as tendons. When the tendons sustain an injury, its referred to as a strain. The most common areas that suffer strains include the calf muscle, groin, and hamstring.

Treatment for Sprains and Strains

There are various treatment options for sprains and strains. Your treatment plan is customized, based on your needs and may incorporate one or more of the many Wellness Services that we offer at Shephard Health!

To learn more about our how we can help Sprains and Strains, please contact Shephard Health!

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