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If you struggle with TMJ Jaw Pain, The Shephard Health Team offers various treatment options that effectively help ease the pain from this common ailment.

What Causes TMJ Jaw Pain?

TMJ pain is caused by Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome; a painful condition that affects the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles of the face, neck, and head. Pain is most noticeable with the movement of the jaw, especially when eating. In some cases, the jaw joint may click as the jaw opens and/or shuts.

Why Is My Jaw So Sore?

The most common causes of jaw pain are clenching of the jaw and teeth grinding (bruxism). The misalignment of the teeth and/or jaw is also a major contributing factor to jaw pain.

Effective Treatment for TMJ Jaw Pain

At Shepherd Health, we use a combination of treatments for jaw pain. Active Release along with Massage Techniques treats the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, jaw, and head. TMJ massage includes treatment inside the mouth, which is extremely beneficial as it releases soft tissue restrictions.

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